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The podcast where we discuss all things Homeopathy related. We will be interviewing Homeopaths from around the world, Mothers who use Homeopathy for their family and learning about various Homeopathic remedies and how you can use them to help your family with various first aid situations and acute illnesses. For bookings, remedies or more information, visit www.eugeniekruger.com To learn about Homeopathy, visit https://youtu.be/vqBUpxO4pZQ

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15 hours ago

Immerse into the powerful realm of metaphysics and energy work with our final installment of the eight-part series, led by the renowned lecturer and author Eileen Nauman. In this episode, we explore the invincible energies of our world and delve into the vast possibilities of harnessing them using water. Eileen guides us towards potent healing techniques and ways to raise collective consciousness, honed by her own experiences and years of practice.
Join us as we discuss the life-changing work of Japanese author Masaru Emoto and his revolutionary 'messages in water' experiment. Uncover how the true power of sincerity and positive emotions can effectively alter water’s properties and result in visually appealing ice formations, acting as a testament to the might of intent and energy.
Episode Highlights:
00:02:29 - Lesson Five: Using Energy in Water Charging Techniques00:05:30 - Importance of Telepathic Communication with Water00:08:16 - Charging Water with Gemstones: Technique and Process00:13:17 - Dr. Emoto's Hidden Messages in Water00:20:47 - Paper Remedies: A Surprising Healing Method00:25:00 - Healing Stories and Results from Water Charging Techniques00:31:08 - Gem Mystique: Exploring the Power of Gemstones00:33:23 - Addressing Health Concerns with Water Charging Methods00:36:49 - Unveiling the Dangers of Nanoplastic Particles in Bottled Water00:41:22 - Harnessing the Healing Power of Water Communication00:45:00 - The Impact of Plastic Contamination on Health and Well-being

2 days ago

In episode seven of our series with acclaimed author and lecturer, Eileen Nauman, we take a deep dive into energy healing using a pendulum. Eileen shares her extensive knowledge on homeopathy, metaphysics, shamanism, and medical astrology, offering a unique insight into pendulums and their intriguing applications. From choosing the right pendulum for you to using it for healing and decision-making, Eileen guides us through a realm of ancient practice and wisdom. Subscribe to her enlightening newsletter and learn more about energy vortexes, dowsing techniques, and pendulum types. Don't forget to join us tomorrow for our final episode with Eileen.
In this episode, we discuss a variety of pendulum types - roses quartz, pyramid-shaped, lavender-purple amethyst, clear quartz, and black tourmaline, and debunk common myths aout their use. We stroll through proper techniques of using a pendulum and explain the significance of grounding during these sessions. Moreover, we share fascinating encounters with spiritual entities and illuminate how to communicate respectfully with them. This is a must-listen episode for anyone looking to harness the power of pendulums and learn more about their links with human energies and the vibrations of Mother Earth.
This episode also delves into a unique relationship between human beings and elements, highlighting the significance of nurturing a harmonious bond with nature spirits known as Devas. Eileen provides a comprehensive guide on communicating telepathically with these spirits using a pendulum, sharing crucial tips on creating trustworthy bonds and gaining lessons from nature. She also sheds light on maintaining your pendulum's energy and the role of various Pendulums in diverse scenarios.
Dive into the captivating world of pendulums and understand their role in clearing negative energy and enhancing health and spiritual balance. Learn practical tips on pendulum care, positive energy line establishment, and navigate intricate life-question scenarios efficiently. Explore how pendulums can provide clarity and direction in an uncertain world. Interested in homeopathy? Learn about the significance of chakra healing in homeopathy and how cleaning your front chakra can enhance your overall health and individual development. An enriching episode packed with practical tools, intriguing anecdotes, and newly found wisdom awaiting your discovery.

3 days ago

In today's conversation, we dive deep into the world of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy with the incredibly knowledgeable Tash Duffin. 🌟
👶 If you're a parent struggling to understand your child's colic, reflux, sleep, or speech issues, this episode is a treasure trove of insights and actionable advice. Tash, an occupational therapist and expert in pediatric feeding and sleep quality, shares her expertise on how early intervention can prevent and correct various health concerns.
👉 We discuss the red flags of orofacial myofunctional dysfunction, the truth behind tongue ties, and the impact of pacifiers on your child's development. Plus, Tash offers her take on baby-led weaning and the importance of proper chewing for jaw development.
Episode Highlights:
00:00:01 - Introduction to Tash Duffin
00:01:25 - Importance of Early Intervention
00:02:14 - Understanding Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
00:03:27 - Tash's Background and Journey
00:05:33 - Impact of Tongue Ties
00:09:10 - Warning Signs of Orofacial Myofunctional Dysfunction
00:11:12 - Effects of Mouth Breathing
00:15:07 - Tongue Posture and Development
00:20:55 - Sleep Quality and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
00:25:25 - Homeopathic Remedies and Support
00:32:36 - Considerations for Mouth Taping
00:43:50 - Benefits of Baby-Led Weaning
Guest Bio:
Tash is an Occupational Therapist trained in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, pediatric feeding, infant and early childhood sleep quality, and infant reflux. She is a mother of three vivacious, exuberant children and the founder of Whole Child Co. 
Her two youngest children are the inspiration and drive for her work. When trying to find help for their concerns she wasn’t satisfied with the “normal”/ ‘they’ll outgrow it” approach. Through this journey, she learned to trust her instinct and advocate for her children. She now supports parents to do the same. To listen to their gut instinct and help them navigate relationships with healthcare providers.
Find out more about Tash:
Website: https://wholechildco.com.au/
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7 days ago

Mette Mitchell is a licensed Homeopath from Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE) in London, and has a Bachelor of Science from Middlesex University in Homeopathy.
Mette is the creator of the Homeopathyly apps, which helps home prescribers access easy to understand information, to help their acute prescribing.
Find out more about her here: www.https://www.homeopathyly.com/

Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

In the sixth episode of our enlightening series with esteemed lecturer, Eileen Nauman, we delve deep into an in-depth discussion about the fascinating world of chakras. As an expert on a wide array of topics such as homeopathy, medical astrology, metaphysics, and shamanism, Eileen shares her profound knowledge and passion, aiming to foster a comprehensive understanding of our energy bodies, and their effect on our overall wellbeing.
We explore the intriguing links between our circulatory system and the heart chakra, the vital significance of grounding, and the symbolic essence of the thymus endocrine gland. The conversation delves into fascinating facets, such as the correlation of the throat chakra with lymph nodes and senses, the color dynamics of the brow chakra relating to spiritual evolution, and even the multifaceted role of the crown chakra in relation to the central nervous system.
During this captivating discourse, we further elucidate on how unresolved stress can significantly affect your health - revealing the often-underlooked connection between stress, digestion, and chakras. We reveal the profound role of sacral and brow chakras in stress manifestation within the body, and how it affects our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. We shed light on the importance of routinely checking the health of your chakras to prevent associated ailments.
We conclude the episode by introducing our audience to the world of energy balance, brought to life by the exceptional power of nature's healing stones and the significance of maintaining a strong grounding. This enlightening discourse provides invaluable insights into managing your unseen anatomy and its consequential impact on your wellbeing.
Explore more about spirituality on Eileen's YouTube channel and enjoy her expansive library of learning resources. Keep tuning into our podcast for more stimulating episodes on homeopathyhangout.com.

Monday Feb 19, 2024

In this intriguing episode with global expert, Eileen Nauman, we delve into the fascinating world of energy healing, focusing particular attention on homeopathy, chakras, and the endocrine system. As a renowned pioneer and bestselling author, Eileen offers unique insights into these complex subjects, helping to unravel intricacies and debunk common misconceptions.
Our journey takes us deep into the world of homeopathy and its intersection with unseen energies, with a strong focus on the importance of grounding and chakras. Eileen shares invaluable knowledge about the functioning of chakras, their elemental associations, and their integral role in drawing energy from the earth and harmonizing our health and vitality.
We continue our exploration into the body’s mystical endocrine system and its vital role in hormone regulation and overall health. Understand the master gland's mysterious connection to the crown chakra, and uncover how life force energy, or prana, undergoes transmutation to feed these crucial glands - a phenomenon currently unexplored by mainstream medical science.
Enter into the realm of metaphysics and quantum physics, and gain clarity on our intricate energy anatomy. Get a glimpse into the potential of pendulum use and discover how understanding our internal systems can aid in addressing issues like hip misalignments.
Join us in this captivating journey as we continue to uncover the mysteries of our energy body with Eileen Nauman. Subscribe to her newsletter and follow her YouTube channel for further insight, and stay tuned for more illuminative discussions on the wonders of our internal systems in the coming episodes.

Thursday Feb 15, 2024

Dr Matthew Zorn received his homeopathic medicine training while going through an accredited four-year Naturopathic doctoral program, after completing a pre-med undergraduate program (1993-98), in 2002. Since then, he has been in practice as a classical homeopath.
The formal medical training has given him a tool to understand and help people from a clinical and therapeutic point of view. Since 2002, he has taught homeopathy, given seminars (in person and virtually), taught meditation classes, volunteered abroad at extremely busy homeopathic clinics, attended many seminars by the world's most renowned Homeopaths, and seen thousands of patients who’ve presented with a multitude of ailments.
His website is www.vitalforcemedicine.com

Monday Feb 12, 2024

Join us on a transformative journey with renowned Metaphysics expert and acclaimed author, Eileen Nauman, as we delve into the fascinating realms of auras, chakras, and metaphysics. Explore how the vibrant energy bodies surrounding us influence our wellness, emotions, and consciousness. This enlightening episode offers an in-depth view of the connection between auras and chakras, their significance in our lives, and how grounding and visualization play key roles in achieving spiritual balance and enhancing emotional intelligence.
Uncover the profound power of energy healing through the use of crystals, their relationships with different chakras, and their holistic benefits. Moreover, learn about the metaphysical abilities residing within the third eye or brow chakra, and how to differentiate truth from deception. Immerse yourself in this exploration of the metaphysical realm, and embrace the transformative power of metaphysics in your everyday life.
This episode also uncovers the importance of creating a harmony between rational thinking and intuition, and its impact on our relationships with others. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned spiritual practitioner, this episode promises to leave you enlightened and inspired. Additionally, we delve into various topics of spiritual development, including understanding the 'third eye' and harnessing the transformative power of chakras and crystals.
Eileen Nauman generously shares her tools, tips, and resources while uncovering the significant roles various chakras play in our lives, such as the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. The episode concludes by exploring the importance of children learning about energy, aura, chakras, and the power of compassion, love, and resilience. Tune in to tap into the abundant wisdom from a beacon of light in the realm of metaphysics, homeopathy, and shamanism.Learn more about Eileen at www.walktheland.netPurchase her books through AmazonFollow her youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@eileennauman2329

Thursday Feb 08, 2024

In this captivating episode of Homeopathy Hangout, we highlight an exciting project set to revolutionize homeopathy's global perception. We're pleased to have on board Kim Elia, the founder of Whole Health Now, who shares profound insights into his upcoming homeopathic documentary titled “Introducing Homeopathy.” Kim shares exciting updates about the film, including the powerful stories of transformation through homeopathy and the possible involvement of influential figures like Morgan Freeman. They discuss the film's structure, the importance of addressing the placebo effect, and the potential impact of homeopathy on fertility and chronic diseases. Join the conversation and learn how you can support the film's release and spread awareness about the incredible benefits of homeopathy. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a movement that aims to revolutionize healthcare systems worldwide.
Episode Highlights:
00:00:00 - Introduction to the film "Introducing Homeopathy" and the need for support
00:03:05 - Positive experience at the JAHC conference and connection to Gandhi
00:04:16 - Gathering of the team and focus on organizing the film
00:05:06 - Criteria for selecting information and engaging interviewees
00:07:02 - Highlighting the engaging presence of Gabrielle Traub and her patients
00:08:08 - Discussion on the increasing difficulty of fertility and the relevance of homeopathy
00:09:06 - Overview of the film's structure and opening sequence
00:12:50 - Detailed description of the film's narrative and addressing the placebo effect
00:15:57 - Mention of potential involvement of Morgan Freeman as the narrator
00:18:25 - Call to action for support and promotion of the film
00:20:04 - Information on the private screening and streaming options
00:21:43 - Discussion on Homeopathy Awareness Week and plans for promotion
00:25:57 - Hope for homeopathy to become trendy and the potential impact of the film
00:27:08 - Overview of the film's conclusion and focus on the benefits and applications of homeopathy
00:28:42 - Donation options and promotion of the film on social media
00:29:45 - Additional information on purchasing tickets for the private screening
About My Guest:
Kim was inspired to study homeopathy when he read Gandhi’s quote about homœopathy, “Homœopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Kim was in clinical practice with Dr. Paul Herscu, author of The Homeopathic Treatment of Children, Pediatric Constitutional Types. Kim is the former Director of Nutrition at Heartwood Institute, California, and has certified many nutritionists across the state of California. During that same time, he was the Director of Fasting at Heartwood, and worked with fasting therapeutics with many hundreds of people. Kim serves as CEO of WholeHealthNow. He has been instrumental in the creation of WholeHealthNow’s website, a comprehensive free informational resource for students and professionals.
Find out more about Kim:
Website: https://academyofhomeopathyeducation.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/introducinghomeopathy/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/introducinghomeopathy
Watch the trailer and donate and purchase your exclusive screening tickets: https://introducinghomeopathy.com/
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Monday Feb 05, 2024

The third enlightening episode with Eileen Nauman, a worldwide lecturer, prolific author, and pioneer in a range of healing modalities, dives into the world of energy bodies, focusing on the aura and its nine fields, especially the astral field. Eileen presents profound insights on the astral body's emotional nature and its role in grounding our emotions. She also discusses the personal, societal, and physiological effects of astral body misalignment, providing valuable tips for stress management and overall emotional wellness.
Dive into the dynamic relationship between your physical body and astral body, understanding how a well-grounded astral body can protect against both emotional and physical illnesses. This revealing episode, steeped in personal encounters and case studies, reflects on the astral body's transformative journey during sleep, and the vital role of grounding techniques in ensuring its safe return, supporting the immune system, and speeding recovery.
Uncover the crucial importance of grounding your astral body for optimal health and well-being in this compelling session. Discover the potential catastrophic effects of improper body grounding and learn about several de-stressing activities to ensure a healthy astral alignment. Understand the deep connection of the astral body to our emotions, mental resilience, unity, and the changing global order. A perfect blend of spiritual insights and practical advice, this is a must-listen episode for anyone seeking an understanding of the astral body's role in our lives.
Explore the intricate concept of the soul's journey, its learning process, and its impact on life across dimensions. We delve into concepts like 'soul home', 'star parents,' the AKashic Records, and their significant roles in our spiritual evolution. Listen to invaluable insights on the interconnections in the universe, the spiritual education of our souls, and the impact of our choices.
This episode also shines a light on the incredible power of metaphysical wisdom in healing both humans and animals. From discussing animals taking on their human's ailments to help them heal, to highlighting the need for self-healing and the importance of sleep in rejuvenating our astral bodies, this episode is filled with profound insights. Understand the universal applicability of homeopathy and embrace illuminating thoughts about energy, the evolution of souls, and much more. Tune in for a life-changing discussion on emotional healing and balance.Find out more about Eileen at www.walkingtheland.netAll of Eileen's books can be purchased through Amazon

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