Friday Mar 31, 2023

Ep 175: Quintessence Forum - with Vladimir Petroci

What role can education and research play in advancing the future of homeopathy?


In this episode, we engage in a fascinating discussion with Vladimir about his development of the Quintessence Forum, a platform he created to explore the transformative power of energetic resonances in the field of homeopathy. Additionally, Vladimir shares his experiences in founding the Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy, a four-year program designed to modernize the approach to homeopathic treatment and education.


Check out these episode highlights:

02:42 - Vladimir’s first introduction to homeopathy

07:27 - His motivation for deciding to specialize in lungs

10:11 - What is the quintessence forum

13:40 - Limitations of worldview in accepting homeopathy

15:36 - Presence of hope behind the danger

16:44 - What does ontological primordial mean

22:44 - The spiral dynamics of worldviews

28:07 - The transformation of the reality of homeopathy

30:01 - What we see isn’t the reality

38:09 - The future of homeopathy


About Our Guest:

Dr Vladimir Petroci is a homeopathic practitioner with over 31 years of experience in the field. Born in Slovakia in 1965, he studied medicine and worked for 12 years as a pulmonologist before shifting his focus to homeopathy. He has been teaching homeopathy since the late 90s and in 2004, he established the Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy (SAKH) with a full 4-year curriculum aimed at modernizing the education of homeopathic treatment. The school has two branches in Slovakia and Poland and currently has around 248 students.

Aside from his work with the academy, Vladimir also teaches across Europe in countries such as France, Turkey, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic. He is a translator and publisher of modern homeopathic books, including four books by Jan Scholten and two books by Philip Bailey. Vladimir is also the author of the book "Springs - Portraits of Children in Homeopathic Remedies," available in Czech, French, and Polish languages.

Vladimir is the president of the Slovak Chamber of Homeopaths and in May 2020, he invited his colleagues to establish the Quintessence Forum. The forum aims to facilitate the emergence of a new paradigm in homeopathy and currently has about 1700 followers, mostly homeopaths. The forum offers free symposiums dedicated to updating the vision of reality from the point of view of practicing homeopaths.


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